Friday, March 13, 2009

Say Goodbye

I thought you were different,
then the other guys I meet.
Until you broke my heart in two,
and took me off my feet.

Everytime I make you mad,
you try to make me cry.
I hated how you treated me,
but couldn't say goodbye.

Remember how you told me,
that I was too good to lose?
Well guess what baby, you lost me,
it's not that big of news.

I'm not sure how you will act,
when I tell you this.
I'm completely over you,
I don't mean it as a diss.

I'm Sorry..


  1. Who did this to you...hopefully this is fake so I don't have to have a talk with him!

  2. I really like this poem!
    I know what you mean
    even if it's not for real.
    Sometimes it really is too hard to say goodbye.