Saturday, May 16, 2009

What's on my mind

keep me out of your drama,
keep me out of your life.

i can't help you now,
solve your own strife.

i'm on her side,
he is on his.

i want it all to end,
thats just how it is....

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


its like the first 5 years of my life all over again.
a dad who doesn't care,
a mom who doesn't deserve to be treated this way,
and a girl who is completely tired of it.

i was ready..
standing by my only weapon,
a knife.
he touched my mom, or i, and he was done.
he never knew what i was capable of doing until he put his hands on her.
it was all a blur.

quick movements,
and extreme force.
i kicked him where it hurt.
he deserved it and he knew that.
i spit a few words at him, that maybe i shouldn't have,
and left.

with my mom, my brother, and HIS son.
i hope hes happy sleeping in his house alone.
its going to drive him nuts not being able to contact us,
the idiot disconnected our phones.
he will never understand the greatness he threw away,
like yesterdays garbage.

i don't know if i'm going home,
or if its going to be just my mom and i again.
but whatever happens i know that this day made me stronger,
because that that won't kill you,
will only make you stronger.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Need A Title!

boys that hurt you,
aren't worth your time.

friends that use you,
aren't worth your dime

so find a hand you can hold,
and a friend you can't mould

and you can live your life just fine!

ps. i wrote that right off the top of my head, and will probably go back and edit later haha.